Popular Pizza Toppings from Around the Globe

While pepperoni, sausage, and extra cheese are basic toppings in the United States, families may wish to branch out and try a few pizza toppings that are popular in other countries. This is also a great opportunity to teach younger children about international foods, and you can take a weekly pizza night to a new level simply by featuring a different country each time. 


Australians are well known for their barbecue pizzas. A basic recipe involves marinating shrimp in barbecue sauce for an hour or two and then cooking it in a saucepan. Add the shrimp to the top of the pizza. You may leave the shrimp whole or cut them into smaller pieces. Add some crushed pineapple before cooking the pizza as you normally would. It is not uncommon for Australians to add a little crocodile meat to their pizza, but chances are you'll want to skip that ingredient. 


In Russia it is common to use either tuna or mackerel on a pizza. Take your basic pizza and add some cooked tuna or mackerel on top. Next, cut up some onions and sardines and spread them out across the pizza. Cook the pizza as you normally would, but then set the pizza in the refrigerator where it can cool. Russians eat this type of pizza cold. 


Once you get to Brazilian week, you'll need to make your pizza dough a little thinner than you normally would. Brazilians also don't add a great deal of tomato sauce, so use that sparingly. After you've topped the pizza with mozzarella cheese, you can move on to adding plantains that have been sliced and dipped in cinnamon. Sprinkling on a few nuts is optional. Bake as you normally would, and just before serving this Brazilian delicacy to your family, drizzle on a little condensed milk. This pizza is referred to as banana com canela in Brazil.


Japan has a famous pizza that they serve called mayo jaga. Take your traditional pizza and swap the tomato sauce for a white sauce (also called bechamel). Next, you'll need to sprinkle some cooked bacon on top. Then add diced potatoes that have also been previously cooked. Finish by decorating the top with mayonnaise. The Japanese do this with a lattice pattern, which is easy to do when you use mayonnaise from a squeeze bottle. Eel and squid are also commonly used as toppings in this country, should you be feeling a little more adventurous.  

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